Roosevelt Campobello International Park

As the name suggests, Roosevelt Campobello International Park is as much about Franklin Delano Roosevelt as it is the scenery. FDR’s experiences here shaped him into the impressive world leader he ultimately became. From the age of one, this is where the former U.S. President and his family vacationed, drawn by the cool air and restorative powers of these lands and the surrounding sea. As President his policies toward Canada, and his approach to both international cooperation and to Native Americans, were likely shaped by his early associations with the fishermen and the Passamaquoddy Indians he came to know—and respect—here. Many think his policies concerning natural resources, too, were likely “seeded” by his time spent outdoors in the area. An excellent short film at the visitor center will introduce you to that history, as will a tour of the family mansion, painted the same red it’s always been. Afterwards take a stroll along the 16 kms (10 miles) of scenic coastal walking trails.

The park is run by a commission with representatives from both the U.S. and Canada—the only such arrangement in North America.  Maps, walk suggestions, info on bird watching, bog life, geology and more are available at the visitor center and its website.