The Algonquin dates from 1889. The original structure was destroyed by fire in 1914, but the surviving annexes were rebuilt in Tudor style; in 1993 an addition was built across the road, linked by a gatehouse-inspired bridge, and in 2012, the whole place got a C$30 million renovation. It's had smaller refreshes since then, too. The red-tile–roofed resort commands one’s attention through its sheer size and aristocratic bearing (not to mention the kilt-wearing, bagpipe-playing staff). The inn is several long blocks, affording panoramic bay views from a second-floor roof garden and many rooms. The rooms have been refreshed, and are comfortable and tasteful. In addition to the outstanding seaside golf course, there’s a full spa. Note that the hotel markets itself to bus tours and conferences; if one of those is here when you’re year, you might feel a bit overwhelmed.

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