In the 16th century, this was the home of the earls of Kinnoull, but today it houses the Black Watch Regimental Museum, with hundreds of weapons, medals, and documents of the Black Watch Regiment from the 18th century on. The regiment was recruited in 1739 by Gen. George Wade to help the government pacify rebellious Highlanders and became famous all over the United Kingdom for its black tartans in contrast to the red of government troops.

After visiting the castle, you can explore North Inch, a 41-hectare (100-acre) parkland extending north along the west bank of the Tay. This is the best place for a long walk in the Perth area. The grounds are given over mainly to sports facilities, particularly the domed Bells Sports Centre. North Inch, as depicted in Sir Walter Scott's The Fair Maid of Perth, was the site of the great 1396 Clan Combat between 30 champions from the clans Kay and Chattan, attended by Robert III and his queen.