The grassy lawn at the bottom of the Via dei Priori, a lounging spot for university students on sunny days, is bordered by two of the finest church facades in Perugia. On the left is the small Oratorio di San Bernardino, whose facade is layered with bas-reliefs and sculptures (created 1457-61, and beautifully restored in the 1990s) by Florentine sculptor Agostino di Duccio. Inside are a 1464 processional banner by Benedetto Bonfigli and a carved 4th-century paleo-Christian sarcophagus serving as the altar. The oratory's lumbering big brother next door is 13th-century San Francesco al Prato, with an unusual, vaguely Moorish geometric facade. It is undergoing a lengthy restoration and currently closed, but will eventually serve as a concert space.