The Arizona Grand Resort's water park and pools make this an ideal summer stay for families with kids. Young ones will enjoy the eight-story-tall Slide Canyon Tower, the wave pool, river slide, spray jets, and a variety of other children's activities. The spacious suites have comfortable beds and Southwestern décor, nice for even grown-ups. The resort is connected to the 17,000-acre South Mountain Park, a desert preserve perfect for long day hikes and expansive views of Phoenix from Dobbins Point. The resort grounds are sprawling like any typical desert resort, built low and spacious to blend into the landscape. The on-site restaurant, the Rustler's Rooste, also offers a menu geared for kids of all ages, and is a great place to enjoy the gorgeous mountain views and some after-dinner line dancing every night of the week. When ordering, avoid the rattlesnake—it's dry and tasteless—unless you just want bragging rights for friends back home.