Foodies up on the latest trends in molecular gastronomy will want to make sure they visit this little restaurant in a nondescript part of central Phoenix, where the Valley’s most outlandish culinary wizard casts his thunderbolts. Chef Kevin Binkley, an eminence of the scene for years with several restaurants, has consolidated them all in this one very expensive one-of-a-kind dining experience. There is one seating per night for the restaurant’s 20-something tables. Each course is announced and described; the number of courses can run into the dozens and may include trips to the kitchen to visit with Chef himself. It’s a prix-fixe affair, lasting close to 4 hours, $180 per person, paid in advance; wine flights and add-ons like caviar can double that and more, and there’s a 22% service charge, too. The restaurant says it can accommodate most dietary restrictions.