From the Forum you can take the Via Consolare to the Via dei Sepolcri -- a road lined with funerary monuments that leads outside the city walls toward the Porto Ercolano, Pompeii's harbor (about a 1km/ 1/2-mile walk). There you'll find the most noteworthy suburban villa of Pompeii, famous both for its architecture -- a dramatic terrace built over steeply sloping ground -- and its paintings. Built in the 2nd century B.C. and restored around 60 B.C. and then again before the eruption, the villa was decorated with all three styles of Pompeiian paintings. Its most famous is the large fresco on the wall of what was probably a triclynium (dining room), depicting several figures on a red background participating in a ceremony thought to be related to the cult of Dionysus (Bacchus).