The sophisticated and stylish Hi-Lo opened in summer 2017 in the 1910 Oregon Pioneer Building. It’s a pretty unique place and a wonderful reuse of a wonderful old Portland building. The lobby is a vast, open space with giant windows, curvy sofas and even swings if you’re so inclined. But it’s the rooms I love because they take into consideration the history of the building they’re in. The Pioneer Building was the first downtown building that used concrete and steel beam construction, and the rooms at the Hi-Lo have one or two concrete walls (they're actually quite handsome), painted steel beams, and concrete floor tiles (with radiant heating). But don’t get the idea that you’re going to feel like you’re in a cell because you’re not. The rooms are fairly spacious and decked out with soft pastel-colored furnishings, area rugs, pillows made by Oregon’s famous Pendleton woolen mills, immaculate white limens, and original art by Oregon artists. The large bathrooms have big walk-in rain showers (tubs in a few of the rooms) and locally produced MAAK Lab toiletries. The fitness room on the lower level isn’t huge but has everything you need for a weight or aerobic workout. Finally, there’s a great bar in one part of the lobby and a restaurant, Alto Bajo, that serves creative Mexican cuisine. All in all, it’s a memorable place to stay, and you’re right across the street from a stand of food carts—what could be more Portland than that?