It’s not every hotel that uses 40 years’ worth of photographs by White House photographer David Hume Kennerly to decorate its lounge and corridors. But the Lućia, downtown Portland’s most stylish boutique hotel, has the world’s largest collection of Kennerly prints, and they are amazing. Get off the elevator at one floor and there’s John and Martha Mitchell, he stern, with a pipe, she madcap, grinning behind dark glasses. Fidel Castro, Ansel Adams, Gerald Ford playing pass-the-straw-under-the-nose with a Japanese geisha—you never know who or what you’ll encounter. The hotel’s million-dollar art collection also includes many portrait paintings by Gregory Grenon, one of Portland’s best-known artists. It’s all displayed gallery-style. The rooms are comfortable and wonderfully simple in the best sort of way. There’s a glass-topped desk, a comfy leather chair with a brightly colored ottoman, and a big comfortable bed; suites have sofas and more legroom. You can open the windows, a feature I always appreciate. The bathrooms are the same size no matter what type of room you get—they’re small, but have cool round aluminum sinks, frosted-glass counters, and make efficient use of the space in a calm, unadorned way. The Gallery Suite features all original art. Restaurant Imperial serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner; there’s also a nice cafe for morning pastry and lunchtime sandwiches, and a special room-service ice cream menu so you can order your favorite homemade treats from Salt & Straw.