The hotel occupies two great historic buildings in downtown Portland: The giant, Renaissance palazzo–style former Elks Club (West Wing)—this must have been the grandest Elks Club in the country—and the lovely former Governor Hotel (East Wing). The decor is the same throughout, but the two buildings offer different room types. Particularly nice are the sixth-floor rooms with private rooftop patios in the East Wing. But I personally like the big windows and original bathroom tile floors in the West Wing. All rooms are fairly spacious, with dark green walls, built-in white cabinets, leather and wool armchairs, and Pendleton blankets accessorizing the beds. The look is traditional and clubby, but enlivened with some interesting artwork that features images of “movers, shakers and visionaries.” The grand lobby, with its coffered plaster ceilings, wouldn’t look out of place in Rome. Right off that lobby is the Jackknife Bar, a Starbucks, and Jake’s Famous Crawfish—not the original, which is a few blocks away. The fitness center is the best-equipped of any hotel in Portland. One special touch: As a nod to the age of the building, there’s a working Remington typewriter in the lobby area, where you can practice your typing skills as in the days of yore.