Peru’s cuisine is amazingly diverse and draws from the country’s many different food sources: the Pacific, the plains, the mountains, and the jungle. That's why Andina's menu is a mile long; and surprisingly, you could sample just about everything on it and not find a dud. But since choose you must, we highly recommend the plates of mashed purple potatoes called causa, served layered with fillings like shredded spicy chicken breast and crab-and-tuna salad. There are also plenty of seafood options, including multiple types of ceviche, and a grilled octopus that may be the best in town. This is one of Portland’s top destination restaurants, open since 2003, and it attracts almost fanatical devotion (even after an outbreak of food poisoning in 2013, it remained full to capacity). The reasons for its success? It’s big, bold, loud, and serves marvelously fascinating food with tastes that you won’t find anywhere else in Portland. It’s upscale, too, making it accessible to those food adventurers who find food carts and holes in the wall to be out of their comfort zone. What all this means: Make a reservation as far in advance as you can, or you won’t get in. Tip: It’s easier to get in for lunch, and it’s far less of a scene. Second tip: Andina may be famous for its spicy cocktails, but if you want a delicious, non-alcoholic, and very healthy drink, try a glass of Peruvian chicha morada, made from purple corn and loaded with antioxidants. Then—well, ask your server to recommend a few small plates and share them.