This downtown hot spot—a large open room with inverted white umbrellas covering the ceiling—is loud and fun. You line up to place your order, you’re given a numbered marker, and then you wait to be called to a table. Drinks will be brought to you but you’re responsible for bringing napkins, utensils, and water to your table. The food arrives soon after you’re seated. Pho is a favorite dish here: the five-spice beef broth and rice noodles comes with beef, chicken, or tofu and veggies—and sides of cilantro, jalapeños, and lime—for a slurpy, satisfying meal. Also tip-top: the combination vermicelli rice bowl with skewers of pork and chicken. Vegetarians have many choices, including a peanut curry with tofu. On Fridays and Saturdays, Luc Lac stays open until 4am and becomes a kind of club-with-food scene. Warning: Luc Lac doesn’t accept reservations, so come early or come late but don’t come during rush hour (6–8pm) or you may wait up to half an hour for a table. That’s the price of popularity. Low prices and good food is the reason for that popularity