I’m not a fan of gooey doughnuts, but apparently everyone else in Portland is, because there is always a line here. Voodoo has become a tourist destination where new Portlanders bring their visiting parents and grandparents. Be forewarned that this corner hole-in-the-wall is not in the most savory location, and your wait to get in may be 15 minutes or more; but as I’ve said elsewhere, standing in line for food is now a Portland thing. Open 24 hours, Voodoo sells voodoo-doll doughnuts (pretzel through the heart, jelly filling), bacon-topped maple bars, vegan doughnuts, and even X-rated doughnuts, packaged in an immediately identifiable pink box. There’s a second Voodoo Doughnut across the river at 1501 NE Davis St. ([tel] 503/235-2666).