Prince County encompasses the western end of PEI, and offers a mixture of lush agricultural landscapes, rugged coastline, and unpopulated sandy beaches. Generally speaking, this region is more ragged around the edges (in a working-farm, working-waterfront kind of way) than prettier, more polished and postcard-friendly places on the island in Kings and Queens counties. In other words: Real people live and work here. Respect them.

Within this unrefined landscape, however, you can find pockets of charm such as the village of Victoria on the south coast (at the county line) and in Tyne Valley near the north coast, which is vaguely reminiscent of a Cotswold hamlet.

In addition, the Confederation Trail (described under "Active Pursuits"in the section on Prince Edward Island) offers quiet access to the rolling countryside throughout much of northwestern Prince County. As well, several provincial parks here rank among the best on the island.