This ecofriendly all-inclusive property serves as proof that a hotel can be both comfortable and kind to the environment. Rooms sit atop raised pilings to reduce impact on the vegetation and allow the natural flow of surface and underground water. A/C, lighting, and hot water are all custom designed to reduce consumption. As a result, you won’t get powerful, chilly air or strong showers in your rooms, but it’s a small price to pay when you consider the tremendous damage this coast endures. The hotel is surrounded by a 132-hectare (326-acre) nature park incorporating jungle, mangroves, and coastal dunes. Tours within the property explore the vast plant and vegetable nurseries, 10 cenotes, three rivers, and vast untrammeled spaces. It’s a long walk from some rooms to the beach and pool. Buffet meals reflect the concern over conservation, and most food items are arranged in individual portions rather than large communal trays. Tres Rios has received numerous accolades including Green Globe certification as a World Heritage Alliance for Sustainable Tourism site, and hosts yoga and meditation retreats and other special events.