The conscientious owners of this superb guesthouse consulted with professors of Greek archeology when they were renovating this Crusader-era building, in an attempt to not only keep the integrity of the structure intact but to give their guests the feeling of being cocooned in history. They succeeded in spades. The ultra-luxurious guest rooms and public areas are filled with museum-worthy antique pieces, set off by time worn stone walls and lit by murano-style hand-blown glass lamps. The ceilings are hand painted and the baths marble. One of the six suites even has its own hamman.  All of this has been done in an eco-conscious manner, meaning all the wood you see here is from sustainable forests and the water is heated via solar energy.

The same care they've lavished on the house is lavished on guests, who are made to feel coddled with generous breakfasts cooked to order, and service that goes above and beyond.

One final perk: because all the guestrooms face the interior courtyard, they're quieter than many in Old Town. A truly unique and special place to stay.