This Michelin star-awarded restaurant is a feast for both eyes and tastebuds. The minimalistic décor, soft tones of chocolate and beige, dotted with subtle floral accents, balances the chef’s flair for astonishing creations. At the helm of the kitchen is Chef Roy Caceres, native of Colombia, who likes to stir his guests’ emotions, spanning beyond smell and taste, and tell a story with each beautifully crafted dish. Caceres shines in risotto and pasta preparations, and elegant game, meat, and fish interpretations. Be prepared for creamy soft cheese ravioli mixed with salmon, hazelnut, and smoked pepper; risotto wrapped in a thin saffron film; stellar glazed eel with crumbled farro and sweet onion sorbet; crispy lamb with almonds, eggplant, and gin-juniper ice cream. Guests can also choose between two creative tasting menus, each featuring the restaurant’s showpieces, and can benefit from the helpful guidance of a very talented sommelier.