This luxe restaurant is one of the best places to go for both traditional and creative cuisine. A chichi crowd with demanding palates packs it nightly. There are places in Rome with better views, but the setting here is far more elegant, and the service impeccable. The creative menu features a variety of succulent dishes and one of the best hotel wine cartes in Rome. Appetizers are likely to include zucchini carpaccio with pine nuts, fresh mint, and tomato; or a mild smoked salmon with sweet-and-sour red onion. Our favorite Roman specialties include filet of beef with anchovies and fresh marjoram, or sautéed angler fish with lentils and borage flowers. The sea bass steak is a treat, with its flavor of lemon grass. Veal medallions are enlivened with sun-dried tomatoes, fresh olives, and an eggplant confit.