Where's the dome? That's the first thing that strikes most visitors to the Oregon State Capitol, which looks as if construction was never completed (perhaps due to a lack of funds in the state budget). However, it was actually designed without a dome, and consequently the building, which opened in 1938, has a stark appearance (not unlike that of a mausoleum). If you look closer, though, you'll recognize the pared-down lines of Art Deco design aesthetics in this building. The Oregon Pioneer, a 23-foot-tall gilded statue, tops the building, which is faced with white Italian marble. Outside the building, there are numerous sculptures and attractive gardens; murals of historic Oregon scenes embellish the inside. Tours of the capitol are available during the summer. There are also changing art exhibits and videos about the history of the building and the state. Here on the grounds of the capitol, you'll also find a Douglas fir tree that was grown from a seed that went to the moon in 1971 on the Apollo 14 mission. You'll find this tree just north of the flags on Court Street.