Salzburg is becoming more aware of its role in the contemporary art world, with exhibits, installations, and art hotels popping up all over town. This bastion of contemporary art is built on the side of Mönchsberg, overlooking the city—visitors travel here via an elevator. Atop the mountain, an urban vista and the surrounding natural beauty underline the inherent raison d'etre of contemporary art: To get you out of your comfort zone. The design alone makes this one of the most exceptional museums of Austria. Inside a geometric stone-block structure, large exhibitions of international modern artists rotate in the spacious and beautifully lit galleries. Director Sabine Breitwieser took over in November of 2013, broadening the institution's scope beyond European and North American art. New funding has allowed the museum to absorb new art into its collection. Recent highlights have included "A Dialogue: Vienna Actionism," and an exhibition dedicated to art's role in writing history.