A taste of down-to-earth Salzburg awaits at the Balkan Grill, where the legendary "Bosna" sausage is king. A tiny passageway on Getreidegasse takes you to a small window in the wall where you'll find four variations of the fabled pork sausage, made with chopped onions, parsley, and a secret spice mixture which definitely includes curry and lord knows what else. This kiosk has been around since the '50s and seems to have retained signs from that time, with new additions in English, Russian, Italian, and Japanese. The middle-aged woman who works the window doesn't do special orders, so stick to the script. Number one is the original, and number three is just as delicious, with mustard added. These somewhat spicy mouthfuls cost just €3,30 each and are a great pick-me-up. Even though there's usually a line, the wait is worth it for a bite of a true Salzburg tradition.