Sometimes cooking is truly art, and here you can watch it from the dining area through a window to the kitchen, where chef Andreas Kaiblinger makes the magic happen. Fine dining fans will drool at the offerings at this acclaimed establishment, which opened in 2004 on the other side of the Mönchsberg from downtown Salzburg. The chef's menu starts with scallops on onions, speck, and mushrooms, followed by turbot with calf's head, greaves, and muscles; it's all visually stunning, with intense but familiar tastes. While the meals are offered in tasting menu form, guests are also free to order individual courses. The dishes may be bold and ambitious, but they're not overwhelming (i.e., you know what you're tasting), making the experience of dining here an absolute treat. The space is modern, with an open room, clear lines, and subdued lighting. A major highlight is the glass floor, where diners can watch the Almkanal flowing beneath.