The one-of-a-kind offerings at Ikarus in Hangar-7, Red Bull's aeronautic showroom, will have you completely rethinking airport food. The patron of the kitchen is the acclaimed Eckart Witzigmann, Germany's first three Michelin-starred chef, who travels the world in search of guest chefs. Every month a different international culinary superstar is flown in to lead Witzigmann's team, with ringers from Singapore, New York, and Portugal recently rotating through. Wealthy foodies come from all over Europe in private jets to "park" and dine in luxury above the Red Bull race cars, propeller planes, and Felix Baumgartner's ultimate-skydive Stratos capsule. Despite the changing chefs, the restaurant has consistently excellent postmodern cuisine. Each chef serves three different menus, alongside the Ikarus team's own creations. A menu could include dishes like pommes soufflé, sepia risotto, warm fois gras with perigord truffle, or pigeon with beet and berries. The results draw people from all around the German-speaking world, interested in tasting the innovations offered beneath the showroom's futuristic glass canopy.