I’ll be honest: Until now, I was disappointed in our MOMA. Small, with cramped museum spaces and a design that seemed more about itself than about showcasing art, it wasn’t world-class enough for a destination city. But in 2016, after a 3-year closure for renovation and expansion, SFMOMA is a positively spectacular museum. It begins with 45,000 square feet of art-filled public space, all free of charge. But pay the (admittedly steep) entry fee, and you’ll be able to explore a maze of rooms and floors featuring ongoing, temporary, and showcase exhibitions. You’ll typically find at least one multimedia or experiential exhibit. Adults and children alike will enjoy PlaySFMOMA, a museum initiative supporting the creation of artist-made games—recent examples range from a pop-up virtual reality arcade to experimental art games and an art game laboratory. As in the past, the gift shop holds finds worth buying, but the cafe has taken a turn for the better, transformed into a ground-level Manhattan-chic lounge with a menu designed by chef Cory Lee of nearby Benu, plus a light-washed upstairs restaurant that reminds me of the dining room at NYC’s MOMA—and that’s a good thing.