Even if you haven’t worked a night in San Gimignano into the Tuscan itinerary, the ivy-clad entrance right on the town square might tempt you to stay. Rooms vary considerably in size and outlook, and some of the smaller ones overlook a quaint but viewless courtyard; some of the larger rooms and suites come with balconies and views that extend for miles. Furnishings throughout are simply and unobtrusively traditional Tuscan, with wrought-iron bedsteads and some flourishes like arches, tile floors, and stone walls to impart a bit of character to surroundings that, along with the service, can seem a bit impersonal. The restaurant and terrace out front, along with a view filled, glassed-in dining room upstairs, serve Tuscan food that is a lot better than you’d expect, given the presence of large tour groups that often pile in for lunch.