Sikwa may well be the most unique dining experience you have in Costa Rica. Its ever-changing menu is inspired by the richness of Costa Rican biodiversity, and the country's indigenous and traditional foodways. In fact, the menu is a call to action, highlighting treasured ingredients that are slowly disappearing, such as Guanacaste’s blue corn, as well as introducing diners to the gastronomic traditions of the native people of Costa Rica. As importantly, a percentage of what the restaurant earns goes to support a myriad of projects across the country. To bring his vision to life, Chef Pablo Bonilla has been working tirelessly with Costa Rican indigenous and artisan fishing communities to create a supply chain from their fields, boats and hands, to San José. The space reflects that journey, with its jungly decor and the small milpa with corn growing on the back patio. Head here early so you can have a drink before dinner at Sikwa's bar; it features seasonal cocktails made with Costa Rican herbs and other botanicals.

Just in the market for a snack? Their attached tortilleria grinds fresh masa daily from nixtamalized corn and sells gallos and other light bites.