The El San Juan doesn’t shy away from glamour. Its 13,000 square-foot casino is served by tuxedo-clad croupiers and aglitter with crystal chandeliers. The opulent lobby, hand-carved of marble and mahogany, is ground zero to a number of popular bars and restaurants, for decades a place to see and be seen, with local celebrities rubbing shoulders with well-heeled travelers from around the globe. The fab pool area features swim-up bars and waterfalls. And though the designers can’t take credit for Mother Nature’s handiwork, the beach is everything a vacationer would want: broad, pristine golden sands, bedecked with loungers. It, and the resort’s tropical gardens, are shaded by hundreds of towering palm trees and century-year-old banyans. Guest rooms are done in either bright tropical or subdued earth tones; all are well equipped electronically and have comfortable beds and furnishings, with cutting edge bathrooms and amenities. But no place is perfect, and some guests do complain about the noise from the planes arriving and departing from the airport (which is quite close by).