Occupying 5 acres just north of the Puerto Rico Convention Center, this lively entertainment complex encompasses 12 dining spots, a 5,000-seat concert venue, a ScreenX cinema with wraparound audio and projection, an Aloft Hotel, and a family fun center with an arcade, elevated obstacle course, and zip line. 

A whopping 14,500 square feet of LED screens light up the central courtyard, Popular Plaza, with swirling colors, artful videos of the island's scenery and people, and the occasional ad. 

(Credit: Distrito T-Mobile)

Despite the highly commercial nature of the development, Distrito T-Mobile is well worth a visit, not only for its whiz-bang offerings but also for the thoughtful ways that Puerto Rican music, art, food, and pop culture have been incorporated into the experience wherever possible. 

Restaurants and bars are distinctive—there's not a chain in the bunch—and decorated with eye-catching murals and installations created by local talent. Small stages in several locations are for live music. Even the bi-level sports bar, Arena Medalla, showcases huge portraits of notable Puerto Rican athletes amid the obligatory TV screens and games. 

Among the site's most intriguing dining options: Barullo Taberna Española, a mini food hall with five stations dedicated to traditional Spanish cuisine; Mexican eatery Lupe Reyes; and the recommended La Central by Mario Pagán.

The latter restaurant pays tribute to the island's agricultural history tied to sugarcane cultivation and rum-making. Design elements include a bar encircling a big copper still; the bathrooms are housed in gigantic, repurposed rum barrels.

Chef Pagán's menu sticks with the theme, flavoring hearty grilled fare with sauces and marinades subtly infused with rum and sugarcane. Naturally, the cocktail list is rum-focused, too. The smoky ron y tabaco drink mixes the marquee spirit with tobacco-flavored syrup.

Most of the restaurants at Distrito T-Mobile have to-go offerings as well, inviting visitors to grab a drink and a snack and relax in the plaza, check out the artwork on display, and watch the zip-liners zooming overhead.