Chaotic, smog-laced traffic and overcrowded markets are crammed between dirty, modern streets with the occasional colonial gem. San Miguel is eastern El Salvador's main city and a transport hub you shall pass through when traveling in the region. It does not have much to offer, as it lacks the sophistication of big-city San Salvador and the charms of El Salvador's small villages. It's also not the type of place you should wander around at night, as it has a high crime rate. If you're on a tight schedule, you may not want to go out of your way to stop here. But since the town has a large bus terminal with departures around the country, you may very well find yourself at least transferring through here. If you do find yourself in San Miguel with a few hours to kill, rest assured that there are entertaining diversions, including a surprisingly interesting museum, a nearby lagoon, a cathedral, and a national theater to tour.