Up on Museum Hill, the Wheelwright is a compact but high-quality museum of contemporary and historic Native American art. The building is shaped like a traditional octagonal Navajo hogan, complete with a doorway facing the rising sun. The collection was founded with the help of a Navajo medicine man in 1937 with an aim of preserving Navajo cultural artifacts. Since then it has expanded to include works by living artists of all native cultures, including stunning weaves, beadwork, jewelry, basketwork, paintings, and even film screenings and storytelling. Three or four exhibits rotate through every year. On the lower level, the Case Trading Post is a gift shop modeled on the classic posts that served as stores, banks, and meeting places across the Western frontier. Some of the items, like kachina dolls and silver jewelry, are quite expensive, but I'm usually able to find a good gift or two (no touristy T-shirts here) in a more moderate price range.