According to the historical record, there has been a fonda, or inn, at this location—on the southeast corner of the plaza—almost since Santa Fe was founded in 1607. This incarnation was built in 1922 by famed Santa Fe architect John Gaw Meem. It served as a railway hotel and a Harvey House over the years, lending more weight to its claim of being the oldest and best-known hotel in Santa Fe, and the only hotel on Santa Fe Plaza. This is definitely an iconic place, once the end of the Santa Fe Trail and now a high-end hotel that still oozes history, from the cafe in its time warp–tiled lobby to its Pueblo Revival tower. The property is filled with art and antiques—and often ogling visitors, at least in the lobby—and boasts an unusually high level of personal service. All the rooms are luxurious, with everything you would expect in a top tier hotel. There is a wide variety of room types (thus the wide range of nightly rates) but all have plush seating, original artwork, and delightfully-hand painted headboards. The hotel’s famous Bell Tower Bar, on La Fonda's roof atop the fifth floor, is the best place in town to enjoy a sunset cocktail (open spring through fall).