Since it nudges up against a Louis Vuitton store, it's no great surprise that Europeo reigns supreme as the best restaurant in Santiago, at least as far as the city's arbiters of style are concerned. As the name implies, Europeo specializes in European-influenced cuisine, although native Swedish chef Carlos Meyer has expanded his global range by adding a dab of Asia here and there to liven things up. You'll find dishes such as foie gras, steak tartare on rye, or a "strudel" of lobster and spinach on vanilla-infused bisque, as well as more classic steak and lamb specialties. Before diners yield to the temptation of dessert, waitstaff serve a complimentary exotic sorbet as a palate cleanser. The dining area is polished and sophisticated, yet its compact size and individual hanging lamps create warmth and intimacy. Europeo is also one of the few restaurants in the city that imparts the knowledge of a superb sommelier—Jose Riffo can describe over 180 wines in intimate detail. For a more affordable bistro-style meal or a light alfresco lunch, try Europeo's La Brasserie, which remains true to Europeo's outstanding quality.