Best Restaurants in Santiago

Santiago's gastronomic scene has undergone a culinary revolution during the past decade or so, with an influx of ethnic restaurants and trendy eateries serving fusion-style, creative cuisine commonly known as cocina de autor. The culinary scene is now...  Read more >

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Fromm-rating-1star Price Name Cuisine Neighborhood
Icon_dollar2 Aquí Está Coco Chilean Providencia
Icon_dollar3 Astrid y Gastón Peruvian Providencia
Icon_dollar1 Bar Liguria Café/Chilean Providencia
Icon_dollar2 Bar Nacional Chilean Downtown
Icon_dollar3 Borago Chilean Vitacura
Icon_dollar2 Casaluz Restaurant Spanish Barrio Italia
Icon_dollar2 Cuerovaca Steakhouse Vitacura
Icon_dollar1 El Caramaño Traditional Chilean Bellavista
Icon_dollar2 El Huerto Vegetarian Providencia
Icon_dollar2 El Toro Chilean Providencia
Icon_dollar3 Europeo Continental Vitacura
Icon_dollar1 Faustina Café Providencia
Icon_dollar1 Fuente Alemana Diner/Sandwich Shop Providencia
Icon_dollar2 Las Cabras Chilean Providencia District
Icon_dollar1 Mercado Central Seafood Centro
Icon_dollar3 Mestizo Chilean Vitacura
Icon_dollar2 Nolita Italian Las Condes
Icon_dollar2 Opera Catedral Chilean Downtown
Icon_dollar2 Patagonia Café Argentinean Downtown
Icon_dollar3 Peumayan Ancestral Food Pre-Hispanic Chilean Bellavista
Icon_dollar1 Rishtedar Indian Providencia
Icon_dollar3 Sukalde Fusion Vitacura