On a reasonably quiet side street off one of Fira's main drags, this family-owned and -operated place lives up both to its own understated description of its style as "minimal design and simple lines" and to its claim to be a "stylish residence." The furnishings are often whimsical (a number of lamps stand on a tripod of slender metal legs). There is also a welcome (small) pool. To see that famous caldera view, you have to head out the door and stroll about 30 meters, but rooms with balconies enjoy a sea view. Those "superior" rooms are an extra €10–€12 ; the standard rooms are on the pool level, without the view, and with more sounds of coming and going. The breakfast buffet, featuring home-made jams and bread fresh from a nearby bakery, costs an extra €8 per person. The helpful Anapliotis family also owns the bargain-value Loizos Hotel, a few kilometers out of Fira.