Two cowboy-themed restaurants in one, the Cowboy Club and the Silver Saddle Room serve steak and barbecue in the historic building where the Cowboy Artists of America was formed in 1965. Cowboy murals, saddles, ropes, and horns adorn the club section. A family-friendly joint, the Cowboy Club has something for carnivores of all ages. Share cactus fries served with a side of prickly pear sauce or the rattlesnake bites with sweet onion jam to start. Buffalo chili and burgers, steaks, and a vegetable pot pie round out the menu. The Silver Saddle Room is a slightly fancier version of the Cowboy Club, with more subdued colors and tasteful cowboy paintings on the less garishly painted walls, and it offers a similar menu. Reservations are available at the Silver Saddle Room, but not in the Cowboy Club.