The owners of this 17th-century palace, just steps from Plaza Mayor, kept the historic exterior intact but took colorful, creative liberties with the interior. The cheerful stylishness almost makes you forget that there’s no elevator. Bargain priced rooms 101, 102, and 112 are unusually large quarters furnished with two twin beds, but their airshaft windows don’t open. Romantic room 103 has a high, carved-wood four-poster bed, a little private balcony, and walls sponged a deep red. Equally romantic room 114 has a salmon-tinged canopy on the wrought-iron four-poster bed. Room 111 can easily sleep up to five, making it a good bet for families. Parents get a private bath and bedroom suite with a queen-size bed and a balcony overlooking the park next door. It’s connected to a narrow interior room with three twin beds lined up along the wall and a separate bath for the kids.