Besides the beach at East Coast Park and those on Sentosa Island, you can try the smaller beach at Changi Village, called Changi Point. From the shore, you have a panoramic view of Malaysia, Indonesia, and several smaller islands that belong to Singapore. The beach is calm and frequented mostly by locals who set up camps and barbecues to hang out all day. There are kayak rentals along the beach, and in Changi Village you'll find, in addition to a huge hawker center, quite a few international restaurants and pubs to hang out in and have a fresh seafood lunch when you get hungry. To get there, take SBS bus no. 2 from either the Tanah Merah or Bedok MRT stations.

On Kusu and St. John's Islands, there are quiet swimming lagoons, a couple of which have quite nice views of the city.

Bicycle Rental

Bicycles are not for rent within the city limits, and traffic does not really allow for cycling on city streets, so sightseeing by bicycle is not recommended for city touring. If you plan a trip out to Sentosa, cycling provides a great alternative to that island's tram system and gets you closer to the parks and nature there. For a little light cycling, most people head out to East Coast Park, where rentals are inexpensive, the scenery is nice on cooler days, and there are plenty of great stops for eating along the way. One favorite place where the locals go for mountain-biking sorts of adventures (and to cycle amid the old kampong villages) is Pulau Ubin, off the northeast coast of Singapore.

At East Coast Park -- There are several rental shops for bicycles and inline skates along the East Coast Park; couples and families often hire tandems, too. Try SDK Recreation (tel. 65/6445-2969), near McDonald's at Carpark C; open 7 days from about 11am to 8 or 9pm. Rentals are S$4 to S$8 per hour, depending on the type and quality bike you're looking for. Identification may be requested, or leave a S$50 deposit.

On Sentosa Island -- There are several rental places near Siloso Beach off Siloso Road, a short walk from Underwater World. There's a kiosk at Sakae Sushi (tel. 65/6271-6385) and another at Costa Sands (tel. 65/6275-2471). Both are open 7 days from around 10am to 6:30 or 7pm. Rental for a standard bicycle is S$5 per hour. A mountain bike goes for S$8 per hour. Identification is required.

In Pulau Ubin -- When you get off the ferry, there are a number of places to rent bikes. The shops are generally open between 8am and 6pm and will charge between S$8 and S$14 per day, depending on which bike you choose. Most rental agents will have a map of the island for you -- take it. Even though it doesn't look too impressive, it'll be a great help.


Golf is big in Singapore, and although there are quite a few clubs, many are exclusively for members only. However, many places are open for limited play by nonmembers. All will require you bring an international par certificate. Most hotel concierges will be glad to make arrangements for you, and this may be the best way to go. Also, it's really popular for Singaporeans to go on day trips to Malaysia for the best courses.

Scuba Diving

The locals are crazy about scuba diving but are more likely to travel to Malaysia and other Southeast Asian destinations for good underwater adventures. The most common complaint is that the water surrounding Singapore is really silty -- sometimes to the point where you can barely see your hand before your face.

Sea Canoeing

Rubber sea canoes and one- or two-person kayaks can be rented at Siloso Beach on Sentosa, the beach at East Coast Park (near McDonald's Carpark C), and the beach at Changi Point. Prices range from S$14 to S$35 per hour, depending on the type of craft you rent. Life jackets are provided. These places don't have phones, so just go to the beach and scout out the rental places on the sand.


Quite a few hotels in the city provide tennis courts for guests, many floodlit for night play (which allows you to avoid the daytime heat), and even a few that can arrange lessons. If your hotel doesn't have tennis facilities, ask your concierge for help to arrange a game at a facility outside the hotel. Many hotels have signing agreements with sister hotel properties or special rates with independent fitness centers within the city.

Water-Skiing & Wakeboarding

The new hot spot for waterskiing and wakeboarding is Ski 360°, at East Coast Park (tel. 65/6442-7318; Instead of a boat, skiers are pulled by an overhead cable like a snow ski lift around the perimeter of the lake. Ski passes range from S$32 per hour on weekdays to S$42 on weekends and public holidays. Boat-based skiing is run by various clubs on Seletar Island -- contact the Singapore Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (tel. 65/6348-9943; for information on courses and contacts.

Windsurfing & Sailing

You'll find both windsurfing boards and sailboats for rent at the lagoon in East Coast Park, which is where these activities primarily take place. Many require membership, but the Mana Mana Beach Club rents out to visitors at 1212 East Coast Pkwy. (tel. 65/6339-8878). For S$55 an hour, you can rent a Laser, or for S$55 an hour, you can rent windsurf gear.

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.