A nice alternative to the newer and gimmicky hotels on Sentosa, such as the Hard Rock and the expensive Capella, Sentosa Resort and Spa is quiet, classy, and lush. Tucked into 27 acres of tropical foliage and gardens, this low-rise hotel has a large beautiful pool with pearlescent midnight blue tiles and one of the most romantic restaurants in the country: The Cliff. Rooms are large, plush, and spread out across the generous property. Adjacent is the Spa Botanica, with an outdoor garden offering therapeutic mud baths and grassy labyrinths for meditative walking. The Harbourfront MRT is the closest stop, but it's still a mile or two way from the hotel; easiest to catch a taxi at Harbourfront or wait for the periodic Sentosa shuttles that run between the MRT station and various points on Sentosa.