South India is famous for its dosas (thin pancakes made from lentils and rice flour) and thalis (sampling platters of vegetable dishes, curries, pickles, rice, and sweets), and there’s no better place to try both than at Komala Vilas. The no-frills vegetarian joint has been around forever (since 1947 to be exact) and it’s packed with locals who know a good thing when they eat it. You can’t go wrong with a masala dosai filled with mashed potato or the bhatturas (big puffy fried Indian bread) served with chickpea masala, washing it down with a glass of the nimbo (lime) soda. Beer and booze are not served. You’ll rarely spend more than S$10 per person for a feast. There are also branches nearby at 12-14 Buffalo Rd and 24-26 Racecourse Rd. Don’t confuse these with a chain of restaurants simply called Komala’s, whose owners are descendants of the original Komala Vilas' founder,  Murugiah Rajoo.