108 miles SE of Salem, 92 miles NE of Eugene, 21 miles NW of Bend

Lying at the eastern foot of the Cascades, the small town of Sisters takes its name from the nearby Three Sisters mountains, which loom majestically over the town. Ponderosa pine forests, aspen groves, and wide meadows and pastures surround Sisters, giving it a classic Western setting that the town has taken to heart. Today Sisters is designed to resemble an old cow town; modern buildings sport false fronts and covered sidewalks. However, the predominantly pastel color schemes are more 1990s than 1890s and make the town feel as though the school marms took control away from the cowboys.

Once just a place to stop for gas on the way to Bend, Sisters has now become a destination in itself. A few miles outside of town is the Black Butte Ranch resort, one of the state's top golf resorts, and also nearby is the tiny community of Camp Sherman, which has been a vacation destination for nearly a century. Sisters is also Oregon's llama capital, with numerous large llama ranches around the area.