This is a special place. Seemingly all alone on the south coast, aside from a historic church and the seals that swim by directly in front of the hotel, the atmosphere here is what many other hotels have tried to re-create with little success. Partially it’s because of the spectacular views, especially when the days are clear, when an entire spine of snow-capped mountains and windswept beaches--not to mention the glacier and a waterfall--come into view. The hotel maintains a country elegance, neatly decorating the walls with clusters of picture frames and taxidermied animals from the surrounding area without seeming tacky. Rooms are individually decorated with their own collection of quirky knickknacks and artwork. Then there is the locavore dining room, the beautiful lounge with a golden telescope to admire the bird life that dots the beaches nearby, and a bar stocked to the nines with single malt scotches and Icelandic craft beers.