Location, location, location, as they say. The reason you go to Cap's is for its stunning waterfront, front garden canopy, and its own beach, shaded by an ancient Florida cedar tree. This is Old Florida finery at its best. The food's okay, but the views are better. Standard seafood selections are joined by some quintessential Floridian ones, like deep-fried gator tail in citrus sauce. The staff is great, but again, the scenery is better. While outdoors is the preferred dining spot, there's also a separate indoor restaurant, decked out in, of all things, Indonesian antiques, and a cozy oyster bar in case the weather is iffy. If it is iffy, though, I'd save the visit for a day or night when the weather is better and head here for drinks and appetizers during sunset. Cap's is very kid-friendly, as little ones especially love playing on the beach, and don't seem to mind that they're not welcome in the indoor dining room or the bars. A January, 2014 renovation spruced the place up and provided a bit of an overhaul.