The team from La Gondola opened this boisterous and cheerful family-friendly Italian joint in Simpson Bay in 2009, and it's been a hit ever since, serving some of the tastiest homemade pasta on the island. The mod-ish ambience gets a techie lift from the call buttons you use to summon the wait staff (fiendishly designed, it appears, to keep both you and your server on your toes). An ingredient-by-ingredient menu lets you customize your order; you choose the pastas, the sauce, even the way you want your noodles cooked. You'll find all your fave sauces represented here, from pomodoro and bolognese to carbonara and pesto. Don't want to play along? Order from a standard menu that includes IZI's three homemade lasagnas or classics such as veal scaloppini or chicken parm. Note that if romantic serenity is what you're looking for, IZI's ever-popular birthday celebrations may jolt you out of your pasta reverie with flashing lights and exuberant singing.