When you are awarded the Nobel Prize, this is where you'll go to receive your acclaim and pick up the prize. Built in the "National Romantic Style," the Stockholm City Hall on the island of Kungsholmen is one of the finest examples of modern architecture in Europe. Designed by Ragnar Ostberg, it was completed in 1923. A lofty square tower bearing three gilt crowns, the symbol of Sweden, and the national coat of arms dominates the red-brick structure. In summer you can climb the 100m-high (328-ft.) tower for what we consider the finest panoramic view of Gamla Stan (Old Town) in the area. There are also two courts here: the open civic court and the interior covered court. The Blue Hall is used for banquets and other festive occasions, including the Nobel Prize banquet. About 18 million pieces of gold and colored-glass mosaics cover the walls of the Golden Hall. The southern gallery contains murals by Prince Eugen, the painter prince. The 101 City Council members still meet in the council chamber here.