Bold, dynamic, eye-catching—and that’s just the architectural statement that houses 80 legendary cars that are the legacy of Ferdinand Porsche. One of Germany’s great automotive pioneers set up a factory in Zuffenhausen, an industrial suburb, in 1931, launching a business that would become world famous for its sporty serial autos and racing cars. (The Volkswagen was also launched here in 1936 and was often called the “Rounded Porsche.”)

Exhibits change frequently and are designed to be viewed in 90 minutes, with the cars set off in stark displays to ensure they take center stage. Most of Porsche’s milestone-vehicles are always on dispay, including Formula 1 champions and the legendary Porsch 911, the company’s two-door flagship. Tours of the factory show how a car is built, with gigantic robotic claws lowering finished bodies onto drivetrains and chassis. You’ll also see how fenders, engines, and dashboards come together to make what many consider to be the world’s most beautiful automobiles.