Tabanan encompasses a broad range of landscapes from the lofty peaks in the north, including Mt. Batukaru and part of Mt. Bratan with its dramatic volcanic lake, to the verdant rice plains in the south. Beautiful black sand beaches between Pasut and Klatingdukuh are being developed for tourism but apart from the busy seaside temple of Tanah Lot this is a not an overly visited area. The main highway from Java passes through the gently sloping southern part of Tabanan along the coast, making it a commercial center. Tabanan is known for its dancers and gamelan musicians and was home to the famous pre-World War II dancer I Mario who perfected the kebyar dance. Tabanan is also home to one of Bali's last royal families who maintain and live in a palace. Mount Batukaru is also accessible via Tabanan.

Going west to Tabanan is simply a matter of following the signs from Denpasar and Seminyak -- only one east-west road runs along Bali's southern coast.