To the west of Tabanan is the 17th-century Puri Anyar Kerambitan. Its royal family represents Bali in its current progressive form, with roots in Balinese history dating from the 13th century. The family enjoyed great prosperity until the law of Land Reform in 1961 restricted ownership of land to 5 hectares (12 acres) per family. The family estate of then around 300 hectares (741 acres) was taken and redistributed. Under these new circumstances, it became a challenge to maintain the palace, its grounds, and many temples. The present (seventh-generation royal family) King Anak Agung Ngurah Oka Silagunadha (Bapak Oka as he prefers to be known) had a vision to "share this gift of the ancestors" with the world and he opened the palace to visits in 1967. Feasts have been presented here for the likes of from Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and Supertramp, to Prime Minister Fukuda of Japan, ministers, and ambassadors from all over the world. A drama ritual named Tektekan, created by Bapak Oka for royal performances, is sometimes staged under the control of priests: Daggers penetrate the flesh of men in trance portraying the fight between good and evil called Rwa Binedha. If you book ahead, enticing Balinese feasts can be arranged for you, too. You can also stay in one of the palace in simple rooms filled with antiques. Call well ahead of your intended stay or tour.