You can't really say you've done Taipei until you’ve spent an evening grazing at a night market. Not only is it a lot of fun, but the food can  be revelatory. Some of my favorites dishes include candied cherry tomatoes (like candy apples, but with a tarter and mushier center), rich pork liver soup, and oyster omelets (which are made with tapioca and a sesame or chile sauce). I can’t abide stinky tofu, which smells like something that’s emerged from a sewer, though trying it is something of a visitor’s ritual. Those who like blue cheese—I don’t—often find they enjoy this fermented specialty. Though few vendors have menus in English, you can simply point at what interests you. Then, as it is cooked up fresh for you, sit down at one of the plastic tables and chairs and wait to be served.

This market is indoors, so it's do-able in all weather, and its huge. But really, you can make a terrific meal at just about any night market in the city, so ask a local what’s nearby and go nosh.