Refurbished industrial warehouse, funky décor, and an extensive drinks menu make F-Hoone a magnet for the young and hip. The restaurant is part of the Telliskivi Creative Industries center, a former industrial complex revitalized by a group of shops selling handmade goods and other artsy accessories, from quirky notebooks and posters to repurposed furniture from the Soviet era. F-Hoone is one of Eastern Europe's ubiquitous restaurant-café-bar hybrids, transitioning from a casual lunch-and-laptop scene during the day to a still-casual dinner and drinks atmosphere at night. The quality of the food is at a level you might expect from such a triple threat: tasty, creative, and international, but not the main event. But for as little as €3.50, F-Hoone's beer snacks and custom salads are a steal. Come for the prices, stay for the vibe, and arrive early if you're in the mood for table tennis: during the summer, customers can pick up a game while waiting for their orders.