The founders of Leib Resto ja Aed envisioned a restaurant where they themselves would want to eat: one with simple food made from good ingredients at reasonable prices. Their efforts to create such an establishment were successful—highly—and Leib has quickly become a favorite among Estonians for its low-key atmosphere and consistent quality. In a movement to reinvent their traditional national cuisine, an often uninspiring meat-and-potatoes affair, many of Tallinn's restaurants have begun to serve "updated Estonian" food: dishes that reinterpret the culinary possibilities of Estonia's abundant natural resources. Leib is the best known and probably the best of these eateries, offering dishes like smoked trout and farm-fresh goat cheese, homemade black bread and local wines.

Tallinn's Scottish club also meets in the same building and partially influences Leib's décor—larger parties can reserve the Scottish room for catered events and meetings, so long as they don't mind the bust of Sean Connery watching over their meal. Tip: Leib's popularity can draw a crowd, so it's a good idea to make a reservation beforehand. In the summer, Leib opens its ivy-walled terrace and garden grill for al fresco dining, so try to eat out there then.

-Roxie Pell